Top 10 Future Depending Marketing Trends in Mobile Apps


There is a trademark caption in the mobile world and it is ‘there are apps for everything’ and it is very true. Almost all the business has an exclusive app to represent their business in the digital environment, so there are apps for big technical giant as well as the small business. The apps are now considered as a commercial tool and all the applications offer similar types of services.

With the innovation in the technology, the mobile applications have also evolved a lot over the past few years and there is a rapid growth in the advancements of the apps. Many new facilities and tools like the gyroscopes and the location tracking tools have enriched the apps to a greater extent. And the consumers are expecting a lot from the application like the data connectivity.

Mobile application development

With the rapid growth in the number of mobile phone users, the mobile devices are available in the market for low cost and is affordable to all the users and the number of users accessing the internet data is high. This is developing the range of the mobile technology. The application developers are marketers must be aware of the new market trends and design the apps based on the future requirements and the target audiences.

Internet to Things (IoT) applications

This innovate technology helps the users to control all the things using the apps, however it is making the users even lazier. There are more models in the internet to things application like the ring controlling the things, tweets read by the fridges, self driving vehicles and many other innovations. Some of the examples are the Apple Watches and the Google Glass and the Android Wear.

Cross device and cross platform development

The application in the recent times are not run on single platform, but are extended to run on multiple platforms because of sales and  other business purposes and for the high end market. The developers have said that we can notice hybrid mobile application in the following years because of the evolution of the HTML 5 that runs in all the platforms. So the applications will not be restricted to only one specific platform, but it will run on different platforms.

The enterprise mobile apps

All the apps that are now available on the platform are costumer based apps, but with the evolution of the technology, the future mobile apps that will be designed by the app developers will focus on the enterprises. Because the enterprise is trying to spend a lot revenue and the users are ready to acquire what they require from the trending technology. And since the mobile applications helped in updating the apps with the latest innovations, the enterprises will focus of encouraging the development of the mobile app technology.

Developer app

As the application industry is flooding with hundreds and thousands of mobile application each year, the developers have a lot of pressure while launching the application in the market within a short time frame and to build the applications without any bugs. As the demand is high in this field, the software development tools and the application programming interface makes the job easy for the developers to release the mobile applications on time. The experts have stated that this application will grow as long as there is demand in the mobile application business.

Cloud based apps

With the introduction of the cloud technology, most of the apps that were recently introduced are merged with the cloud computing services. And the other mobile apps that are available in the market also move towards the cloud database and many internet service providers are also offering cost effective services. The cloud technology provides the consumers to sync the database from anywhere without losing any data.

Mobile app security

As the mobile phones are ruling the digital world, the people rely more on the mobile application to do their day to day activities like accessing the financial application like the banking apps and other confidential data; therefore the security of these applications play a vital role. And with the data breaches and cyber attacks, the organizations and enterprises are focusing on the security applications. So the developers must be ready in developing mobile security apps.

Location tracking services

As we know that there are apps available for all the businesses, there are apps available to call the electrician or repair works and to buy groceries from the supermarket or departmental stores. With the help of the location apps, it is easy for the people to identify the services that are near to their location. The gyroscope and the location tracking mobile applications track the location of the user and it identifies the specific service that the user demands in the location. These location tracking mobile applications will keep increasing in the future because there is a great demand of these types of mobile apps.

Impending fate of the mobile applications

Initially the mobile apps were developed as an extension of the mobile websites and then the companies targeted on the mobile applications instead of transferring them to mobile applications and became an easily accessible technology.

The technology experts and researchers are predicating different reasons in the development of the mobile apps. The app developers are trying to implement new technologies into the mobile apps and are making use of various information and data about the users to make the applications a personalized tool. The analytics of the user behavior and other information will streamline the scripting process and assist in the betterment of applications. And furthermore, the mobile apps will have more definite goals, criteria and parameters.

The primary design pattern in the mobile app is the card and not the content and these can come from different apps regardless of the type of apps. Almost eve now the contents are not the center of the apps; the notifications are the prominent tool in communication of data and information. The app developers must focus on the systems and not of the destination because the future is card. Though the responsive designing is good, it is important to target on the new ways of designing the finding the context and follow new principals.

As the future depends on the push notifications, the developers should focus on building innovations in the notification and the features incorporated in it. The new technological development in designing the notification is the significant act in designing the product. The developers have to think of the future and design the new techniques and features within the app. The integration is the part of the product strategy that is not alone and it becomes a part of the business like the product design, product strategy and other elements of the business.

Mobile apps and the future of the products and services

The world is moving towards the high tech developments in the technology and most of the innovations that have to be designed for future are already built by the technology savvies like the Android notification, Twitter cards, Google now, iOS 8 extensions, iOS 8 interactive notifications and other future platforms like the Apple Watch and Android Wear. These new innovations are quite an example that the world is moving towards the contents, notifications and actions.

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