Top 5 Modern SEO Trends in 2017 that Stay Ahead in the Curve

Modern SEO Trends 2017

Almost 2016 is going to end, a New Year is imminent and almost the possibilities are eternal. We know that every new beginning will bring new set of changes in businesses, marketing style, the way marketers approach SEO and the way the people use the search engines. Are you prepared to greet the new-fangled concepts?Whatever may be the change in the technology, SEO always gain its importance. It’s the one that helps the business to get more quality traffic, higher end visibility and as well help the business to get good reliability that is needed for the success. In earlier days, analysts have understood the concept of mobile and content optimization that turned better local and global results.

Are you wondering about knowing the SEO trends that is going to rule the 2017? Let’s have a fast look over the top SEO trends in 2017,

  • Optimization for user goals
  • Rich answers and snippets
  • Marketing done with cross-channels
  • Amplified mobile growth
  • Voice search – the next largest thing

Here, we have given the fiery reports regarding hottest SEO trends. Let’s have a look.

Accelerated mobile pages(AMPs)
googles-accelerated-mobile-pages-platformIt is an open source protocol which widely help for the webmasters to create the web pages that get loaded instantly in mobiles. This simple structure help in loading the websites four time faster with less consumption of data. Already Google has started supporting for the websites that get switched to AMPs by giving them visibility with a small icon indicating the status of AMP. It is expected that in 2017, there will be even more preference for AMP enabled websites.

Dense Content – Appeal the readers

Same content with different types of words are available all over the internet. People are getting bored for reading the same content. Earlier content marketing was based on providing small sized articles. But for the past few years, everything has been changed to epic content with long pieces of story that covers the topic comprehend. But in 2017, it is anticipated that the information which is dense and covered in less place will grab the attention of more users.

Algorithmic machine learning

In late 2015, Google released RankBrain algorithm which act as an ultimate approach for learning the machine language. It seem to be the extension of Google Hummingbird which work roughly to understand the user phrase conversational queries. Probably, Google will release more machine learning updates in the upcoming years.

Personal Branding

With personal branding, it’s easier to secure guest posts, building user’s trust, getting more traffic from websites. But unfortunately, only less number of brands are taking advantage of this branding for their SEO purpose. So, it is anticipated that more number of companies in future days will make use of these weapons to bring up their brand as the best.

User Experience Optimization

User experience is the most important always in internet. Google likes the website that properly optimized according to user’s needs. But in 2017, it is expected to see more influence in user’s experience than comparing it to before. It may even get related with mobile devices, AMP’s and more.

With the changing of trends in SEO day by day, there lies increased demand for the professionals. The talent gap between the experts and trends is increasing gradually and as well the people undergoing SEO training is increasing alongside. Whatever it is, practicing the right method and being up to date is the only way to survive in SEO.