Top 7 Twitter Apps and It’s Exciting Features for iPhone


Twitter, the hot and trendy social networking service where the users posts and read messages in online. Many people use Twitter in a unique manner. But now Twitter has a lot of variations from the timeline to direct messages work. This trendy networking site sees a bigger friction on mobile devices compared to desktops. It is a user friendly and helps in connecting people across the world.

Recently, the California-based social network has made several improvements and added new features to its iOS and Android devices. A recent survey says that nearly two hundred and fifty seven million people access the Twitter service on a Smartphone or tablet.

Excellent Twitter Apps for iPhone:


This feature is one of the most popularly used mobile Twitter apps and also it is a high rated one. It allows an individual to build multiple timelines and easily switch between viewing each timeline.

The interface simplifies each and every function. One can customize the navigation, but the app is not free and it is a little more expensive that the average app. It is unfortunately not available for Android but there is a Mac app available from the App store.


This app supports multiple Twitter accounts and has an excellent refresh rate. Here, one can change the colors of tweets; hide avatars and also can switch between themes.

An individual can have multiple accounts, view inline photo reviews, edit their profile; view the trending features and much more. It has all the powerful features of Twitter’s native app, but with a completely different interface. It is available for free on Android devices only.


This app is one of the world’s most popular full-featured Twitter apps among the mobile users. A moveable menu bar is available that show and also hide all the necessary functions. UberTabs let the folks to compose tweets with a single tap and a media-rich timeline with all links intact.

UberSocial app is similar to that of Pume, where one can manage more than one account. It is available free for Android, iOS and even BlackBerry devices.


This app is suitable for all sorts of social media management, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. It is popularly known to be a desktop app which includes tweets, manage multiple users, compose tweets easily and even track all of the analytics. To maintain the streamlined design, it is constantly being updated. It is free for both Android and iOS.


Twitterrific is another high- rated premium one. It is compatible with iOS devices only, known for its elegant design that highlights the visuals without missing the functionality feature. There are many advantages included for the twitter user like complete color design customization, excellent hashtag options for timeline, native push notifications, voice over support and many more. It is not available for android devices but iPhone users can get it for free.

Carbon for Twitter:

This app is known to be an exclusive Android Twitter client that is known for its great performance and functionality. It puts everything on one screen so an individual need not to endlessly swipe through tabs. The features like Timelines, List, Favorites, Searches, Trends and Profiles are located in one place not in an awkward manner.

Additional features included in this app are in-app You Tube, Vine Video playback, a tilt timeline for refreshing, full webpage support from links shared on Twitter, GIF support, periscope support and so many great features. The most amazing factor is that it is always being updated and it just keeps getting better.


This app is another popular Twitter client, but the user should be okay with advertisements being throughout the app. There are alternatives on this list to satisfy the consumers. The greatest disadvantage is that the app has not achieved its peak because of the bad reviews and low ratings from the people. The major reason for the bad review and low rating is that because of the intrusive advertisements.

This app is available for free and gathers many push notifications and inline photo reviews, with an intuitive interface that has been built for speed. The most convenient chatting feature Threaded Conversation mode has attracted the Twitter users. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

New Exciting Features of Twitter

Twitter Connect:

To the folks who are new to Twitter and if they don’t know whom to follow, Twitter connect can come in handy. This tool helps the users to find their friends, current location, publications and brands.

It also makes it easier for an individual to find out if anyone in their phone’s contact is on Twitter by providing with the option to automatically synchronize contact book with the Twitter account. This Twitter connect option is available in the Settings feature.

Create groups on Twitter:

The users who are more active on Twitter compared to other social networks (like Facebook) can create groups on Twitter lists within Twitter. The working mechanism is similar that of the groups in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Twitter Users can create their own groups or subscribe to groups created by their friends and then chats, send emojis and GIF images. This feature only works if the people involved are following each other’s Twitter stream.

Smart Notifications:

Twitter sends out notifications to all the users up to date with the latest tweets. It allows users to integrate with them in various ways. Quality filter leaves out notifications about low quality tweets such as automated or duplicated tweets. This option is available in Settings->Notifications->Quality Filter.

Another option called Tweets, allows the users to receive notifications on posts from selected folks only. One can activate it by enabling the option available in Settings->Notifications->Tweets. One has to tap on the message icon on the Twitter handle of people that an individual follows and checking in the account notification box.

Dark mode:

This feature’s main objective is to minimize the effect of bright light emerging from the Smartphone screen on the eyes. This feature is accessible in Settings-> Dark mode.

Save mobile data:

One can check the data spent on Twitter in phone’s Settings-> Data usage and find Twitter at the top of the list if he or she is an active user. The user can eliminate the data spent on video playback by changing the video autoplay settings in Twitter. How to achieve this? Go to Settings->Data->Video autoplay and select the option “Do not play video automatically in timeline”.

An interesting factor is that Twitter allows users to look at the tweets without the images. It takes away the visual element, but tweets load a lot faster. One can access it in settings->data and disabling “image preview in timeline”.


Moment is a feature that gathers the outstanding moments from around the Globe at a glimpse style. From cinemas to politics to sports and other aggressive stories, it aims to keep users on what’s new. The features provide a quick way to keep up on events. When a user clicks this feature, automatically an introduction with a title and description are displayed. A single tap gives a detail view of the Tweet, which one can favorite, Retweet and more. A double tap lets the folks to instantly favorite the Tweet.

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